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[Serebii had been flying from one time to another, in the same forest for the third time since coming to Isshu, basking the forest in a light that Pokemon would notice but few humans would: the leaves looked much greener, the soil a more vivid shade of brown, and the sunlight shone in so much brighter. The sound that could be heard when a Serebii travelled, known as the voice of the forest, could be heard by everyone, even if not all recognized it for what it was.

It was something of a warning, to keep a playful Serebii from dragging unsuspecting (and, therefore, not quite willing) others from one time to another.

After witnessing another failed attempt by the same Kanto-bred trainer to make friends with an aloof Isshu boy, this particular Serebii felt saddened. She could tell when someone was a loner by nature, she could peek into his life, and she knew this boy also wanted friends, once! And this coldness was a front, she knew. She's seen enough to know!

It was sad that he how he put up walls, once a would-be friend finally came along...

Then, she had an idea! Just before the aloof boy took one step in the other direction to part ways, she flew down and plucked him off of the ground.]

W-what the...?! H-hey! [Like most people who've been scooped up from under their arms like a small child, before being lifted up, past the leaves and into the sky... he panicked, kicked, and pathetically reached for the ground!]

Biiii~~ rebiiii!

[Feeling like her little plan was working, Serebii happily slipped into a portal into another time, pulling the boy along with her!]
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