Mar. 20th, 2013

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[There is a small, curious Japanese girl staring intently at a tree. She doesn't budge until she raises her hands to her face when she gasps in surprise, looking up as a climbing cat leaps from a lower branch to a higher one.

After a brief moment of deliberation, she takes off her geta sandals, rolls up her swinging sleeves, and ties back her layered kimono to keep it out of the way, in preparation for her very serious undertaking: climbing up a tree after a stray cat that's caught her fancy.

... in retrospect, not such a good idea, as she doesn't reach the second highest branch before the cat decides it's had enough of the tree and leaps down:]

W-wait, Monsieur Chat!

[But the cat runs away, leaving Yune disappointed... and facing a troubling realization:] Wait... how will I get down?

[Yup, the cat got down, but the overdressed girl bogged down by too many layers has no idea how to make her way down safely.

Rescue, mock, it's your call!]

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