Jul. 27th, 2013

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All his life, Naoi been powerless. He was human, not a particularly powerful or intimidating species as individuals. He was shorter and smaller built than most boys his age, he made up for it with learning to shoot. He had willingly forsaken his own identity, hoping to find meaning in his shallow existence, and failed. He made up for it by robbing others of their selves, if only temporarily, forcing them to play roles the way he did. There was nothing finer than the hypnosis he developed, no play thing more amusing and no weapon more powerful.

... but simply toying with people's minds and taking out the anger and rage he inherited on their bodies felt hollow and lacking.

He desired a more complete control. Individuals were no longer enough. If he could, he would love to possess a world of his own. He fancied himself a ruler, but what sad few subjects he had!

But, he was a mere boy, not an army unto himself. The strength to overcome that many at once was beyond him, even with hypnosis, he could not permanently win over so many. If he could only acquire a stronger body...

Yes, a strong body with a mind he could break down and rebuild to suit his needs!

Following that line of thought, he began searching for someone he could use...

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