Feb. 19th, 2016

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A quiet, but clearly distressed sound and the futile scuffling of some sort of struggling creature caught Trip's attention and he quietly followed the sound. It quieted, the scuffling becoming less frequent, more muffled by sifting through soil, having bored though the dry leaves and underbrush, but he stayed tracking the sound until he found its source:

He found an injured Deerling, its fall coat more a muddied brown than orange now, dragging its hooves through the soil, body heavily resting on the rough bark of a large tree, rising and falling rapidly with each breath.

Its ears pricked and it tried to tuck in one leg, curling its neck to make itself smaller, flinching away. Was it crying? Breath quickening, it kept trying to draw in the rest of its legs, like a fawn hiding in tall grass (there was none here), but it was clearly far from home and two of its legs only trembled feebly instead of moving as they should, bleeding profusely, one foreleg ringed just above the hooves by something that cut sharply to the bone, the hindleg on the opposite side so mangled it rested in four corners.

What a waste... who would do such an awful thing? It could've grown to be a strong Pokemon, but the way it was now, it would have to effectively lose two legs just to live. It wouldn't be able to do anything, not even fend for itself. Death was better than a weak life like that, he decided resolutely. Mind made up, he drew carefully nearer, reaching for a pokeball. The Pokemon's panic increased and it cried out again, thrashing its remaining, good legs.

"... calm down," he said in a gentle, but detached voice. "You won't hurt anymore."

He didn't want to look at it anymore, however, quickly averting his gaze.

The Pokemon stopped crying out, but stared at him with wide, fearful eyes.

"It'll stop soon, okay? Trust me."

It was still scared, looking between him and the pokeball, but it couldn't really escape and the struggling only tired it out more, so it settled on watching. Trip released Lampent without throwing the ball. "Lampent, let's send this one away, okay?"

Transfixed, Deerling's eyes reflected the growing, blue-purple blaze.

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