Jul. 29th, 2016

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He hadn't meant to leave Musashi alone and make Nyasu cry again, but... he couldn't help it. At least this time, he wasn't sacrificing himself so they could go on without him, he just... wanted to protect them. He thought he could get all three of them out of the way in time, but he hadn't factored in everything and paid for it.

Unfortunately, being so far from any training camp or Rocket base, so far away from Tokiwa City entirely— he had to stay in a normal hospital.

Musashi took his jacket, worried the R would deny him care, so now he had a bed and bandages around his head, lavander blue hair tucked in and tufting rather comically around it, a few smaller ahesives here and there on his face and arms, but it was his torso that was most impressively bandaged.

... he hadn't quite gotten used to being attacked by actual Pokemon, they were far less predictable than the ones in the academy's mission simulations...

He sighed a bit and looked to the right, squinting at the curtain separating him from the neihboring beds in the ward. The sunlight pouring in from the window lit it up like a stage curtain and he could see a terribly small, young-looking silhouette.

"... is there a little brat in here?!" he asked, unintentionally loud and far too quickly to choose his words better.

Had the child been in an accident? Gotten attacked?

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