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All his life, Naoi been powerless. He was human, not a particularly powerful or intimidating species as individuals. He was shorter and smaller built than most boys his age, he made up for it with learning to shoot. He had willingly forsaken his own identity, hoping to find meaning in his shallow existence, and failed. He made up for it by robbing others of their selves, if only temporarily, forcing them to play roles the way he did. There was nothing finer than the hypnosis he developed, no play thing more amusing and no weapon more powerful.

... but simply toying with people's minds and taking out the anger and rage he inherited on their bodies felt hollow and lacking.

He desired a more complete control. Individuals were no longer enough. If he could, he would love to possess a world of his own. He fancied himself a ruler, but what sad few subjects he had!

But, he was a mere boy, not an army unto himself. The strength to overcome that many at once was beyond him, even with hypnosis, he could not permanently win over so many. If he could only acquire a stronger body...

Yes, a strong body with a mind he could break down and rebuild to suit his needs!

Following that line of thought, he began searching for someone he could use...

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Breathing was a foreign, strange thing.

For most, it came as instinct, not even as a second thought, in order to live. But he'd lost that years ago, in a bright flash he couldn't recall the origin of, to what he had been doing to cause it. It had been his decision, he knew, but why would he choose to lose everything he had left...?

His mind was muddled, his body heavy and stiff as his breaths came in forced gasps. Shaking gloved fingers clutched at the dirt below, leaving streaks as the hand dragged down. He... wasn't supposed to be here, was he? Being awake, breathing, thinking... no, this was wrong.

What had happened? Why? Where was he, and where was he supposed to go?

The Clock... the Lombaxes... it all came in fragments, knowing he had been fighting in the midst of it all. Something whirrs louder and faster in his memory, and the General has to clutch at his long ears, desperate to drive that horrible sound out.

Date: 2013-07-26 11:33 pm (UTC)
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The voice comes and he's a little more aware of his surroundings, managing to shuffle into a half-laying, half sitting position as the Lombax glances around quickly. He had been trying to ascertain who - or what - had just spoken, and it didn't sound like it was coming from the odd memory...

Finally, he settles on a figure in the distance. Even with his mind so muddled, he couldn't recognize the boy's face or origin, furrowing his brows at the sight and slowly moving a hand to begin grasping for his Omniwrench.

--except, it wasn't there. The Lombax, for all sakes and purposes, was unarmed if the other posed a threat. He would briefly turn his focus around the figure, looking for possible escape routes, if this came to a fight he couldn't win. Wouldn't that just be his luck?

"Where... a-are we--?" It comes slow and croaked, the General struggling to reorient his facilities quicker than he could physically manage.

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A junkyard... Torren? It didn't smell like it.

If it was another Vullard settlement, he had no reason to disbelieve the other's words; Vullards grabbed whatever they could, without even thinking of anyone - or anything - possibly taking refuge within. And it would be terrible to be thrust back to life like this, only to wind up crushed in a compactor just a few moments after.

He's wary of the stranger, but the General's hand hesitantly comes up to take the other's, trying to slowly pull himself to his feet. Weakened legs wobbled and he nearly fell back down before his free hand presses against a nearby pile, managing to regain his balance quickly enough.

"Then-- why... why are you here?" Still suspicious, but he would be until he knew more. "Who are you?"

Date: 2013-07-27 12:20 am (UTC)
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He means what you're doing on this planet at all, let alone this specific area. With that kind of attire, he certainly wasn't with the rest of the Vullards. But until he can walk normally again, and without a weapon of any sort... what other choice did he have, for the moment.

So the General starts to shuffle along, getting a better sense of footing now that he was upright, though his body is still stiff, and not responding as immediately as he'd like it to. Something strange was going on, and he was determined to find out what.

"General Alister Azimuth, of the Lombax Praetorian Guard." It wasn't a sense of being informative - if the boy had any plans to attack, perhaps the rank would deter him, even slightly. "And I shouldn't be here, naturally. Where is there a nearby ship?"

Date: 2013-07-27 12:49 am (UTC)
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"Restricted to-- absurd! I will not be trapped on such a waste of a world." At least he's starting to sound more like his old self, gritting his teeth. 'Restricted'? Ha! If it meant a way out, he wouldn't abide by anyone's ridiculous little rules.

"And I am anyone's little boot-scrubber even less."

Find a ship, get off this world, and... try to figure out where he would go from there. The Universe seemed stable, for the moment, so there's a good chance his actions had fixed the Clock. Or... this was some sort of broken, post-apocalyptic reality he had been thrust back into. Either way, he would manage as well as he could, with or without the boy's help.

"We're in a junkyard. Have you come across any V-5 Cylinder quantum thrusters? Gelatonium? Raritanium?" Alister, goodness, he doesn't know what any of those are. "Something stable enough for us to pierce the atmosphere, at least. Leave the ship itself to me."

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"I don't need help in building the ship, just the required pieces to make it stable enough." And. There was no guarantee he would even take the other boy with him if he did manage it. As helpful as he's being, the General was only interested in getting out and getting back to business. "What is the purpose of this junkyard? Would we find anything salvageable in this mess?"

He might have turned to start digging through the trash and rubble himself, steady enough on his feet to be able to concentrate a little better. "An ionic actuator, a reflux coil, anything." And... he might have started completely ignoring the other in his mission to get anything out of this endeavour.

Sorry, 'buddy'.

Date: 2013-07-27 02:00 am (UTC)
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"It's either this or infiltrate somewhere we can obtain a usable ship." And he was, for the moment, unarmed. So that probably wouldn't bode well for either of them, now would it? "I've broken out of numerous prisons before, and this is no different."

That's what this world was. Just a prison, and nothing more. Perhaps, in due time, he would find re-enforcements to send here to free the others from its hold as well, but he wasn't getting anywhere just talking about it all.

"I have somewhere I need to be, and I can't allow anyone to interfere with it."

And good luck getting an honest answer out of him in turn.

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"I don't believe that's something you have any nature of knowing." And even if he tried to explain it, it didn't seem likely the boy would understand much of it anyway. But the General, more out of instinct, keeps eye contact with the other, watching him for any suspicious moves.

"I can understand a need to escape, but it will need to be handled carefully at the same time. Once I'm out, I'll see who I can recruit to return to this planet and free the rest of you." Not the Polaris Defense Force. The General was already in deep with the rest of this galaxy, and turning himself right into the authorities would not be the wisest course of action.

"Now, if you'll excuse me--" Get your hand off him so he can keep looking for parts.

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The Lombax's mouth opens in a retort, about to physically shove the boy off-- when... it suddenly seems okay.

His gaze becomes far more intent, focused on that... lovely glow, yes. Whatever he was holding in his hands from scavenging just slips out of numbed fingers, clattering loudly to the dusty ground. But he doesn't even hear it, fixated on... that voice. Those eyes.

t he pain wwas gone

He felt wonderful.
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There was a time where the old General had a stronger mind, a confident demeanor, and better self-discipline. He was an esteemed Lombax, who led younger, more inexperienced Lombaxes out on the field, to deal with the Cragmite scourge so long ago. He'd watch good men fall to those horrid beasts, and more recruited to take their place. Such was war, and he'd seen plenty of it in his time.

Now? Things had fallen apart.

He was not who he once was - strict, up-kept, and formidable. No. Years of deterioration from the loss of Fastoon assisted with that. For twenty years, he had been left alone with his thoughts, taunting him again and again and again with his mistakes. He became obsessive, selfish, consumed by his one goal and throwing the entire Universe at risk in order to obtain it.

If it had been those twenty years ago, perhaps Naoi would have more of a difficult time piercing the Lombax's impenetrable mind. But times had changed, and he was far more vulnerable. Auburn eyes dull over, ears drooping slightly as he allowed those magnified words to wash over his mind. The stubbornness, the aggravation from before was gone, a deep hollowness taking its place as a low hum escaped the Lombax's throat.

"I want... him back." It's quiet and muttered, coming out automatically as if the other had specifically asked what he'd wanted. "You'll... help...?"


L E A D.

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The silence comes and the General momentarily feels panic welling up in his chest, fearful that he had said the wrong thing, had ruined their connection. But a simple glance to behind the boy, and he spots a familiar puff of blonde fur, grinning up to the old Lombax with a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Hey, Azimuth! The hell you been, pal?"

This was... no. It was him, but-- how? He was alive and not wounded in the slightest. He was finally okay again...


He starts to step forward.

"Whoa, hey, take it easy there, buddy. Don't go and get ahead of yourself. You know what happened last time."


Right. Mustn't do anything that might cause the other to vanish again. After all, that was all his fault, wasn't it?

"I don't think you answered my pal, here."

Robotically, the old Lombax trails his gaze back down to the boy below, making sure to keep eye contact and do whatever he could not to shatter this new reality. Yes... he was going to help, wasn't he? This was proof.

"I will do whatever you ask of me."

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The shaking isn't the first thing to grab the General's attention, keeping his eyes locked onto the boy's, and nothing else. Calm words washed over his consciousness, melding away the pain and frustration... and suddenly, it was all so simple.

He was a soldier. He would follow orders. He would fight when told to, protect when the time came to it.

This boy... he could bring back his family.

"Tell me... tell me what I must do. I will follow you." Emotion drains from the words the longer he remains, becoming nothing more than a hollow, mindless shell. "We can escape together."

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His main line of defense was nowhere to be found, but that didn't necessarily mean Azimuth was powerless. He still held an arsenal of mines and grenades, as well as physical strength from years of endurance. And even in this state of mind, he was strong, and would put that power to good use, for a good cause.

The Lombax begins to follow just as soon as the words are out of the boy's mouth, moving in a trance-like state. He wouldn't speak unless instructed to, and he certainly wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes. --well. Aside from the ones they were going to, of course. Normally, there would be a cocky remark, or he'd zip on ahead right into the action, but... the Lombax just moves obediently, not even questioning how or why he was doing it.

It was to save his family, wasn't it? That's what he was told.

So, he would believe as much.

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but you have the bestest bodyguard forever

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