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A quiet, but clearly distressed sound and the futile scuffling of some sort of struggling creature caught Trip's attention and he quietly followed the sound. It quieted, the scuffling becoming less frequent, more muffled by sifting through soil, having bored though the dry leaves and underbrush, but he stayed tracking the sound until he found its source:

He found an injured Deerling, its fall coat more a muddied brown than orange now, dragging its hooves through the soil, body heavily resting on the rough bark of a large tree, rising and falling rapidly with each breath.

Its ears pricked and it tried to tuck in one leg, curling its neck to make itself smaller, flinching away. Was it crying? Breath quickening, it kept trying to draw in the rest of its legs, like a fawn hiding in tall grass (there was none here), but it was clearly far from home and two of its legs only trembled feebly instead of moving as they should, bleeding profusely, one foreleg ringed just above the hooves by something that cut sharply to the bone, the hindleg on the opposite side so mangled it rested in four corners.

What a waste... who would do such an awful thing? It could've grown to be a strong Pokemon, but the way it was now, it would have to effectively lose two legs just to live. It wouldn't be able to do anything, not even fend for itself. Death was better than a weak life like that, he decided resolutely. Mind made up, he drew carefully nearer, reaching for a pokeball. The Pokemon's panic increased and it cried out again, thrashing its remaining, good legs.

"... calm down," he said in a gentle, but detached voice. "You won't hurt anymore."

He didn't want to look at it anymore, however, quickly averting his gaze.

The Pokemon stopped crying out, but stared at him with wide, fearful eyes.

"It'll stop soon, okay? Trust me."

It was still scared, looking between him and the pokeball, but it couldn't really escape and the struggling only tired it out more, so it settled on watching. Trip released Lampent without throwing the ball. "Lampent, let's send this one away, okay?"

Transfixed, Deerling's eyes reflected the growing, blue-purple blaze.

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Before Lampent got too close, a strong voice cut through the surrounding trees and a formidable shrouded figure leapt down from above how he did that nobody knew! The Champion, Alder, cut in front of the eerily lit ghost Pokemon, blocking Deerling from it. Was this boy really going to give up on this poor Pokemon so easily and steal its soul?

"This little one's spirit is not yours to take. Stay back!"

Glancing back at the Deerling it was obviously in a very sorry state and out of its element but... Alder was confident they could give it a fighting chance. Not only that but the injuries it had sustained didn't look entirely natural. Something gleamed just above one of those hooves... a snare? A human trap?

Ignoring Lampent for a moment, he kneels at the Deerling's side and gently strokes its head. Matted, clammy and cool to the touch... they wouldn't have much time to save it.

Alder looks back at Trip sternly. "This Pokemon is frightened enough. Call back your Lampent!"

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"Not yet..."

Though he could see and understand the boy's view of putting an end to the Deerling's suffering, he could't give up without trying. There was a sadness in his eyes as he watched over the young Pokemon, though he made no attempt to explain it as anything other than concern for the dying Deerling.

Besides... leaving his Lampent to take its spirit? What a horrible way to put it out of its misery.

Alder stood, facing Trip and his Lampent. He took a Pokeball in hand, eyes focussed on the young trainer.

"You see a Pokemon struggling for its very life and call it 'weak'. A Pokemon as injured as this, yet still clinging to life deserves a chance. If it comes through, would you really still see it as nothing more than weak prey?

Call back your Lampent."

It sounded more like an order than a request. If Lampent wouldnt stop then the Pokemon currently in Alder's hand would surely make an appearance. He'd force it to back off if he had to.

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Seeing Trip's struggle in voicing his line of thinking, the conviction in his voice, halts Alder a moment. The youth was thinking logically - a Deerling who couldn't walk, couldn't show its true potential even if it wanted to, or even survive to try; was he being selfish in trying to save it? Was Trip being selfish in trying to make a choice for the Pokemon?

When he next speaks, his voice is softer.

"There is no shame in depending on others sometimes but... to feel as though you are a burden, that is different. A Pokemon that cannot be an equal to its partner; how useless it must feel..."

Whether talking from experience or simply sympathising with the matter at hand, it wasn't clear. However, the Champion seemed torn right now. Choose the logical path or follow his heart. He'd failed already in the past... was there any point in trying now?

That was for the Deerling to decide. He turned his attention back to the wounded Pokemon, taking just a step back, a short distance between them.

"Deerling, you must be in a great deal of pain right now, I know. But I want you to make a choice. If you still have the will to live, come to me."

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Watching the Pokemon struggling so much with the effort and pain of its movements was incredibly difficult to watch... but Alder felt that he should wait to see the determination the little Deerling was so eager to show. He let it stumble, painful as it must have been, and crouched down to catch the Deerling when it had finally closed the distance.

"Well done. You can rest now," he told the injured deer, fondly petting it behind the ears before looking back to Trip.

"Calm down. Young man... this was not a test to see who was right and who was wrong. You wish to help this Pokemon, I can see that. You won't watch a Pokemon suffer unnecessarily. That is something you should be praised for.

However, it is not the only way of looking at things. This Deerling has shown that it still has the will to live. Try to look at things from a different point of view. Three legs or four, it doesn't matter. This Pokemon still has something to live for."

The Champion stands now, seemingly thoughtful. Where was the nearest Pokemon Center from here? What was the fastest way to get there? Going by air would be useful, but it would be hard to take off in a place like this and the shock might cost them dearly.

Perhaps... this young trainer should try to take control of their predicament. It would help to expand his mind at least.

"...Deerling needs urgent medical care. Will you help me save it?"

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Alder couldn't help but chuckle at Trip's surprise, though he felt better knowing that he was willing to assist as necessary. Despite their conflicting ideas upon meeting, he would have been rather disappointed had Trip thought to simply ignore the matter at hand.

"I don't see any other trainers in the area. Hmm... tell me, what Pokemon do you have with you? Lampent is one, but you must have others, yes?"

Depending on Trip's answer, they could devise a solution to their predicament. A sturdy Pokemon could carry the injured Deerling safely. A Pokemon adept at scouting, or one who was quick on their feet, could cover the general area swiftly and locate the nearest town or outpost.

And with his own Pokemon to help, this Deerling stood a chance. Still keeping the injured creature as still as possible, he released the Pokemon within the ball he had chosen - a Braviary, ready and waiting for instruction.

"Braviary, I need you to fly. Find the nearest Pokemon Center and lead us there."

With a short cry of agreement, the eagle-like Pokemon spread its wings and with heavy wingbeats, took off above the trees, Alder shielding the Deerling from the resulting dustcloud.

As the dust settled, it was Trip's turn to think. Was there anything he could do?

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Alder gives an understanding nod to reassure the little Deerling, and the little Pokemon looks back to Trip and gives a weak smile and nod itself. It certainly wasn't going to get out of this situation alone after all. Though now, Alder has to wonder...

"Conkeldurr is a Pokemon who always has its hands full, isn't it? How do you suppose it would balance if it carried this little Deerling instead of a sturdy pillar?"

Perhaps Trip had trained his Conkeldurr to be strong enough to support itself with only one pillar, perhaps it had another trick up its non-existent sleeve, but either way, the Champion is watching the boy with interest. It's almost as if he's trying to see into Trip's mind, to will him to think this situation through. He was handing over the responsibility to the young trainer, so that the Deerling might look to him for support, rather than to the older man.

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Oh, what a gutsy Pokemon Trip's Conkeldurr was! And despite the situation, he looked so comical trying to be a gentle giant to the poor little Deerling... Alder can't help but laugh! Maybe a little lightheartedness would inject some positive spirit into the injured Pokemon too.

"So it can! And I can see you have it well-trained. You have a vibrant fighting spirit, Conkeldurr, but compassion in there somewhere too."

Look, praise for both the young trainer, and for his Pokemon! While Conkeldurr goes about trying to scoop the little deer up as gently as it possibly can, there's a triumphant screech from above. Looking up, they should be able to see Braviary circling overhead.

"Ah, Braviary has returned to us already. I'm sure the Pokemon Center isn't too far from here.

Now, are you ready? Deerling? Conkeldurr? Trip?"

Alder nods to each of them in turn. While it might be painful for Deerling, no matter how steady and careful Conkeldurr was, they had no choice if they wanted to save it. The journey was always going to be the hardest part.

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"Stay close and tread carefully," he advises all of them, before setting off under Braviary's watchful eye, making sure to look to his friend for confirmation that they were headed the right way. The large bird calls to them too, just in case visibility was poor.

...of course, Alder knew that they were undoubtably not alone amongst the trees too, so he kept a brisk pace. The last thing he wanted was for them to step into a wild Pokemon's territory and anger them when they already had such pressing matters to deal with.

To the Deerling, it probably felt like an age, but luckily, there was in fact a Pokemon Center not too far away. The familiar bright red of the building up ahead would surely lead all of them to feel awash with relief... but the Deerling was still badly injured and there was no telling what would happen next. Still, it would be in the best place.

Stepping out into the open and approaching the center, Alder calls up to Braviary who circles down and lands in front of him. A fond ruffle of his fluffy head feathers and the Champion brings out his Pokeball again to allow him to rest.

"Good job, Braviary! Take a good rest."

And now to the young trainer with his Pokemon in tow. "Hurry inside. This Deerling has a good chance of pulling through thanks to you. I hope you'll stay by its side."

A suggestion, but a strong one at that. Would the trainer leave the little Pokemon in the care of the nurses or would he feel enough for it to take it in, despite its disability? It would no doubt have a tough time taking care of itself in the wild, but with the right training, Alder was certain it would become as strong as any seasoned Sawsbuck in the region.

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Alder gives Nurse Joy and her Audino a friendly wave, though the look on his face reflected the concern he had not only for the young Pokemon, but for what might have happened to it in the first place. This was no mere accident, he surmised...

Once they were gone and Trip had started questioning him, the Champion turned with a look of surprise on his face. Arms folded, he looks Trip in the eyes as he speaks. There was a tinge of pain in those eyes, almost as if he was hurt by Trip's enquiry.

"Hmm, moments ago you were willing to sentence that Pokemon to death, weren't you? Now you've given it a new chance in life. Surely you can't be thinking of abandoning it at its time of need?

You're right. It will take time to recover and adapt to its injuries. But that's why it needs a strong trainer to guide it as it grows. In the wild, that Deerling has no chance of surviving alone."

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Though Alder didn't know this boy well, had no memory of coming across him in the past, he was still aware of something bothering the young trainer. What exactly it was, he couldn't be sure... but his sudden dismissal of his encouraging words was unexpected to say the least. Did he really think so little of himself that he felt he had to have the Champion's help to achieve anything?

At the very least he was willing to take on the challenge of helping the poor injured Deerling find some strength and purpose in life... Perhaps it wasn't a coincidence that they met. The two of them really could make a formidable team if they learned to get along with one another.

Saying no more about the matter, but failing to hide a smile all the same, he chances a pat on the head.

"That Pokemon isn't the only one that should take time to rest. The both of you will need time. Why not go to it now and stay a while?"

With that, Alder makes for the door. He was still bothered by just how that poor Deerling had ended up in such a state. How much more damage was being done out there and by whom?


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