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"Situational awareness" and "photography" do not always go hand-in-hand, particularly when a photographer aspires to capture an impressive aerial shot— from the top of a rickety old bridge, entirely too captivated by a gushing waterfall to notice the fraying rope. Worse, he was gripping the fraying rope with his bare hand, straining it as he leaned forward for a shot.

As they were hard to hear over the roar of the wind and the shutter, he only noticed the snapping sounds when they were literally on their last threads and the bridge began to lurch, pitching him sideways.

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Satoshi was nearby with Pikachu when he noticed his friend-rival on the rickety bridge. Pikachu is actually the one who notices both the boy and the fraying rope and tugged hard on his partner's hoodie in order to grab his attention.

Once the attention was grabbed Satoshi ran over to the bridge, reaching the edge right as the rope was to snap. And, of course, being Satoshi what does he do?

Jump onto the bridge himself in order to help his friend. As Shootie is thrown sideways Satoshi does his best to reach for him so he doesn't fall into the rushing water.

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"Don't worry! I gotcha!"

Not that he can actually do anything now that they're both suspended. Once again he wasn't thinking about the consequences of diving onto the bridge and grabbing onto Shootie. The only thing that went through his mind was that he had to help as quickly as he could.

Once again Pikachu comes up with the idea to at least try and climb the boards back onto the side of the cliff, tapping onto Satoshi's head and pointing at the leftover boards. Then the mouse climbs up to the edge to see if it can be done before looking back down at he trainers. He has the look of 'please hurry. the rope is about to snap'.

"C'mon, let's do what Pikachu did!"

They have little to no time left, but they have to try!
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"I couldn't just let ya fall!"

Even if it meant that now both of them might fall. This is what happens when Satoshi doesn't think things through before jumping into action. But unlike Shootie he isn't hopeless about the situation. In fact he's determined.

"Ya can do it, Shootie! Ya climb up first, and I'll climb up behind ya."

That way Shootie can use Satoshi as some sort of platform. Maybe that'll help him climb up a little?

[ he's be sorry but IT'S ALL FOR HIS FRIENDS ]

Date: 2016-07-05 12:52 am (UTC)
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Satoshi clenches his teeth with Shootie accidentally slams his hand into the wood. It hurt, but he's not going to say anything. If he did Shootie might stop what he's doing and that's not what he wanted. No, he wanted Shootie to get to safety. No matter what happens in the end.

Which proves to be hard regardless when Shootie looks down into the water.

"You're almost there! Ya can make it!"

He hasn't been knocked down but his hand is slipping from Shootie's. It doesn't take long at all for his hand to start throbbing in pain. And he's not sure if Shootie had kicked his head or not 'cause that hurts to (so yeah. he probably did oops). Up above Pikachu tries his best to grab Shootie and bring him over the edge and to safety. Once Shootie is safe then Satoshi can climb and get safe.

... If he doesn't fall into the water first.
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The moment that Shootie's grip slipped was the moment Satoshi couldn't hold on any longer. His hand hurt so much that he accidentally had let go. Due to the breaking boards he had no support underneath him, either. So he falls all the way down into the rushing waters below.

At least Shootie and Pikachu got up there safe, Satoshi thought. They'll be okay.

Pikachu turns to Shootie, clearly distressed. What now? Can they go down to the river to look for him?
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Shootie was right about Pikachu. There's no point in pointing fingers or putting blame anywhere right now. All that matters is to go down to the river and look for Satoshi. And to do it quickly because that river looked fast and the last thing the mouse wanted was to lose his trainer.

So with a determined nod Pikachu runs ahead and moment he finds a way down starts making his way. He stops only briefly to make sure that Shootie was following.
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Pikachu appreciates the help that Shootie sends out. The more looking for his trainer the better chance they'll have of finding him. He really hopes that, by the time they do get down to the river, that Pururill will have found Satoshi and brought him to shore.

But until then Pikachu will take note of Jalorda's glance and take a ride on the snake's back. Right now the important thing is to find Satoshi as quickly as possible. If Jalorda can get down to the river quickly then he can himself then that's the route he'll be going. There's no room for pride right now. Once this is all said and done Pikachu will thank Jalorda, but first?

Satoshi. Who Pururill will be able to find getting swept against the river. He's... not completely sunk yet. But with the running water it won't be long. Due to the drop he blacked out the moment he hit the water. It hurt, to say the least.

[ if pururill doesn't do anything first....... ]

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Pikachu notices, but it's not something that he'll be commenting on. The fact was that Jalorda was making his way down as quickly as possible and that's all that Pikachu could ask of the grass snake right now. As they near the water's edge Pikachu does his best to look for his trainer from the end of Jalorda's tail. A bit difficult, but not impossible. With Shootie and Jalorda looking they should spot them in no time!

When Pururill shoves his tentacle in some water did indeed come out of Satoshi. But he doesn't awaken. It could likely be because of how Pururill forced the water out, but other than a cough of water coming out nothing more happens.

It does, however, make Pikachu's ears perk.

"Pikapi!" Calling out Satoshi's name while pointing in the direction he thought he heard some noise is what he does. Hopefully Shootie or Jalorda catches on?

[ PURURILL DON'T......... ]

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Pikachu will jump off Jalorda just as well and run after Shootie towards who is hopes is Satoshi (SAFE) and Pururill. The only thing he wishes in his mind is that his trainer is okay or will be okay. He doesn't want to lose his trainer like he thought he's lost several... times... before.

No. Satoshi is alright. He's always alright even if he's had it rough in the past. He'll be okay!!

Those figures up there ahead should be Pururill and Satoshi, right? And even though Satoshi doesn't seem to be moving he's actually okay? Yeah? Please please let it be true.

Date: 2016-07-07 09:25 pm (UTC)
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Pikachu takes his place right at Satoshi's side the moment he could. He was so still. He hated seeing his trainer like this. He's seen Satoshi still or in pain or something of the sort more times than he'd ever admit. And frankly, more times than Satoshi would ever say to anyone.


He's not dead, no. But he also doesn't wake up upon hearing Pikachu or Shootie. He's cold, and it looks like he gained a bit of bruising from both the fall and the chaos that happened before the fall. Especially his hand, having been slammed into the board. Unless Shootie could feel his chest through Satoshi's jacket it was hard to tell exactly what Satoshi's state was.

Pikachu prods Satoshi gently. Maybe that'll do something? Except no, it still doesn't move.
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Pikachu's ears flatten as Shootie attempts to try and help Satoshi. While he's rambling. Other than Pikachu quietly saying Satoshi's name he doesn't say much more. Shootie... Shootie was going enough of a job for him to do anything, really.

Shootie's efforts weren't in vain. Satoshi started to awaken while Shootie was ... attempting press compressions. Though it wasn't those attempts that woke him up. Rather it was Shootie's words. He doesn't hear everything that Shootie says. In fact he didn't hear about half of what was said. But what he did hear was enough for him to get the idea of what was going on. But most importantly?

What he heard was the end of what Shootie said. And a few moments after Shootie finishes what he's saying Satoshi's mouth will open.


It was really weak, but the voice was there. Pikachu perks up his ears and looks intently at his trainer. He's waking up, right? It wasn't his imagination?
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Shootie is just as disbelieving as Pikachu, initially, but he leaned close, tired arms finally relaxing and folding as he drew near, straining to hear...

"Satoshi?" he asked hesitantly, voice whisper-soft.

... they weren't going crazy, right? He couldn't hallucinate the exact same thing at the exact same time as a mouse Pokemon, right?
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When Shootie says his name Satoshi gives a gentle smile. He doesn't move more than that -- it hurts too much to do so just yet -- but it doesn't stop him from making that smile.

"I'm glad you're ... my friend, Shootie."

Still weak, but he manages to get the words out just fine. Mostly because he's happy that he's finally heard from Shootie that they're friends. Not that he ever doubted it, but it was still a good feeling to actually hear it from his rival.

[ precious ]

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Pikachu on any normal occasion would be overjoyed to see Satoshi awake. But right now? He's containing that happiness. Because right now this is Satoshi's and Shootie's moment. His moment will Satoshi will come right after, don't worry. But as of right now when even with Shootie's look he stays quiet.

Good thing too, since Shootie started to speak again soon after.

"O-Of course!" He says that a bit too enthusiastically for his current state. He winces a little, but that doesn't stop him from saying more.

"We'll be friends forever, Shootie. Even after ya become Champion and I become the greatest Pokemon Master."

Even when they're old and grey! And while Shootie calls for help he'll try to sit up because that is just how Satoshi does things.

[ such kids ]

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"Of course Shootie! Once our dreams come true we'll have the best battle we'll ever have! And is ya ever wanna battle before then just ask! I'm always ready for another battle!"

He says all this with a big smile, despite how much it hurt to move and talk. The thought of battling Shootie or any of his rivals always excites him even in moments like these. If he was able to get up and actually battle he might have even thought about asking for one right now.

But ... now isn't the time. As much as he wants to.

Once he's sitting up Pikachu will hop onto his lap and squeal a little in delight. Now that most of Shootie's and Satoshi's words are out of the way he'll show how much he's glad that Satoshi is awake. Hurt, but awake. That's the best that Pikachu can always ask for with it comes to his trainer.

[ he really is sorry forever pikachu cries ]

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For a moment Satoshi looks a little stunned before breaking into another smile at the scolding. He'll give Pikachu a few pets after. Sorry that he gave you a scare again, buddy. But they're all safe and smiling and it's.. great.

Though when he notices Shootie's tears his smile disappears just a little. He never likes it when he sees his friends cry. Especially when it's his fault. Normally it's just his pokemon though, never his actual friends. As far as he's aware, anyways.

But that smaller smile only lasted a minute before he gives Shootie a different kind of smile. A 'oops i'm sorry smile' at the other scolding that he's getting from his friend.

"Eh-heh. Actually, I don't have Kenhallow or any flying type with me! They're all back at the lab right now."

Go figure, right?
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"Of course! I didn't want you to fall into the river! Even if we both ended up in the river I had to do something!"

Satoshi was pretty set on this mindset. Always has. If someone he knows is in trouble he'll give it his all, despite the risks and what could happen as a result. Which is why he's always ended up in dangerous situations ... but also why he has the friendships that he has. Both humans and Pokemon.

He might be 'self-sacrificial' to a fault, but he never has and never will think of it that way. Because even though he does all these things he has a dream and he isn't going to let anything stop him from accomplishing it!

"You don't gotta feel awful about it! Right, Pikachu?"

Pikachu nods his head in agreement before accepting the pets from Shootie. Both Shootie and Satoshi have come a long way from when they first met, and after this Shootie deserves to give Pikachu a few pets. That and he really needs some kind of relief, so Pikachu will accept that.

Meanwhile Satoshi notices the camera and smiles. "I hope ya got some good pictures up there before it broke."

Because that's what's also important.

[ good ♥ ]

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Satoshi turns to see the camera and the face that Shootie captures? A surprised one. But a happy surprise since this was a good moment in the end. A moment that he's glad Shootie is capturing because this... this moment was when Shootie finally says that they're friends.

It's a moment that Satoshi won't soon forget. Even if it doesn't have a camera to take a picture of.

He doesn't even say anything when Shootie says they're family. He said that so that he can ride in the ambulance, right? At least ... that's how it works?? Either way it's not something he'll complain about. Friends are family too!

And then there are the questions ...

"Umm... three." He can see just fine. The arm on the other hand? He can raise one but the other one was strained and took more effort. It was the one that was holding onto the rope and got stepped on, after all.


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