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Ah, amnesia. The old standby for soap operas, it usually involves a good knock on the head and a complete loss of memory. Ever wanted to do that to your character? Well, now's your chance.

1. Comment with your characters!
2. Others comment. Optionally, go to RNG and roll the scenario. (As to who gets knocked on the head, well, that's up to you!)
3. ???

1. HEAD-ON COLLISION - ...whoops. It was an honest mistake, really! You didn't see that car/tree/post/person/whatever coming, but now you're stumbling out of the wreckage sans memory. Better ask for help.

2. WAIT, WHO ARE YOU? - Okay, so a while ago, you got into...something that caused you to lose your memory. Fortunately, you managed to get by and create a new identity for yourself. Unfortunately, someone new has just entered your life. Or should I say, someone who's a little too familiar...

3. RINSE AND REPEAT - Sigh. Really, this is just so inconvenient. You wake up everyday with no memory of who you are, and have to figure it out over the course of the day, only to fall asleep and have to do it all over again the next day. Good thing someone's there to help you out, right? And what's with all those post-its and notes?

4. THIS ROOM'S TOO WHITE - Welcome to the hospital. You've got an "Unknown" tag on your wrist, a healthy diet of bland hospital food, a steady trickle of doctors coming in to check up on you, and a TV, and nothing else. Looks like someone's coming to help you today, though! Here's to hoping they knew you before you lost your memory.

5. I'M SUPPOSED TO DO WHAT?! - Oh, crap. There's something only you can do right now--that is, the you who didn't lose your memory, anyway. Better figure out a way out of this mess and how to control your strange abilities before it's too late.

6. FIGHTING FOR THE WRONG SIDE - Uh, oh. Looks like your enemies decided to take advantage of your confused state and convinced you that you're on their side. Here's to hoping your allies can get you back to yourself before you cause some serious damage.

7. JUST TOO TRAUMATIC - You just saw something that's so traumatic you lost your memory because of it. Unfortunately, right now, you have to remember it, or else something really bad happens. Hope you don't regret remembering this!

8. I DON'T WANT THIS - You've been living a peaceful, ordinary life, for a while. And you'd rather it stay that way, because you're not sure if you'd want to remember what went before. Unfortunately, something's coming, and the key to stopping it lies in your memories.

9. NO SUCH THING - Maybe you were a wizard, or a werewolf, or an angel, or a demon, or something else entirely before, or maybe you just knew about the masquerade. Sadly, you've been knocked on the head and now believe yourself to be a perfectly ordinary person. Magic? That doesn't exist, right? Anything can be explained with science, after all! Right?

10. I'M WHO?! - And who the hell are you? Basically, this is the wild card option! Combine one of the above or make up a new one or whatever you want! Go wild!

[Gin | Detective Conan]

Date: 2012-04-11 12:02 pm (UTC)
crowsong: (Default)
From: [personal profile] crowsong
[This could end badly.]


Date: 2012-05-22 05:29 pm (UTC)
affectionatewinds: (017« ❖)
From: [personal profile] affectionatewinds
[ Finally coming back from a fairly easy job, and heeeey youuu. You remember her, right? Well, sorry, she doesn't remember him. But she gives her fellow comrade a small, empty smile. ]

I'm Merlot, who are you?

[Abarai Renji | Bleach]

Date: 2012-04-11 12:04 pm (UTC)
brokenfang: (dot dot DOT)
From: [personal profile] brokenfang


Date: 2012-05-22 05:04 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] roaringxflames
[ Cold, lifeless eyes stared back at him for a good long moment, all the while her blade shook in her hands, blood dripping down the tip. Somehow this felt wrong but she didn't know why, he looked like everyone else she killed today.

Right? ]

Re: 6

Date: 2012-05-22 05:20 pm (UTC)
brokenfang: (red like the beastly instinct)
From: [personal profile] brokenfang
Damn... [Renji stares at her, eyes narrowed, willing himself to look her in the eyes so his hesitation won't be mistaken for weakness. It's not fear of the darkness that repulses him, but the inherent wrongness of looking at a face so familiar marred with the unrecognizably soulless, empty pits left behind after the soul was carved right out of her.

His fingers tighten around Zabimaru's hilt.

This isn't right.

His throat tightens.

This isn't right...]

What're you standin' around starin' at me for? What, do I remind you of someone?

[He points the blade at her, grinning cockily. The tone is a casually light, humorous one, but the hope he's expressing is more genuine than he'd rather let on.]

I haven't got all day.

Re: 6

Date: 2012-05-22 05:41 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] roaringxflames
[ She noticed his hold tighten, but only took it as a sign that he wanted to attack so with a swift movement, she brought down her blade on his shoulder. If he doesn't want to lose time, then she'll give him what he wants. Just get it over with, right? ]

I apologize, I thought there was something different about you.

Re: 6

Date: 2012-05-22 06:12 pm (UTC)
brokenfang: (I'll cut you to shreds!)
From: [personal profile] brokenfang
[His eyes widen and he jumps back, but moves too slowly to evade the blow entirely, the blade cutting a large gash down from his shoulder to his hip. Once he had moved away, he landed kneeling, holding his blade vertically in front of him as some weak defense until he stands.]

Somethin' different, huh? [He stands, lifting his sword again.]

Only thing different around here is you. You weren't always like this, that's for sure. None of it mean anything to you? Your whole life before today mean nothing to you? You're gonna destroy the people you trusted and used to fight beside for the guy who'd sooner kill you than stay by your side?

Well, that's fine by me.

[He doesn't want to hurt her, because no matter how changed she is, she's still Hinamori.

But he can't let her win, since it'd be letting the enemy win...]


[He knows he couldn't possibly live with himself if he killed her, nor could he go on living knowing he's the reason all his friends and comrades were likewise enslaved if he let her win...

Fine, he'll stop slacking and fight. Thinking too hard about things never worked for him anyway. He's going to be the one to kill her; no one else should have to do it. He won't forgive anyone else, but he doesn't care if he's not forgiven, even by himself.

He'll swing his sword out towards her, jerking it upward in case she jumps.]

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