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In lieu of a How's My Driving, have this:

If you have any issue at all with the way I play any of my characters, how I write, or anything else, please tell me exactly what it is right here! Suggestion to fix that problem would make it a lot better!

Please do not give compliments as they're not conductive to fixing problem areas, which is what I'm interested in doing.

Do say something, even if it's something you don't think is very important! It could help a lot.
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Pinoko (Black Jack)[personal profile] pinokosthewifedropped/[community profile] queenofheartsrp/[community profile] poly_chromatic
Abarai Renji (BLEACH)[personal profile] brokenfanghomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Kuna Mashiro (BLEACH)[personal profile] poppylovehomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Iris (Pokemon)[personal profile] heartofdragonshomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Subway Master Nobori (Pokemon)[personal profile] brothertragedydropped/[community profile] poly_chromatic
N (Natural Harmonia Gropius)[personal profile] harmonicmotiondropped/[community profile] somarium
Yune (Ikoku Meiro no Croisée)[personal profile] petitejaponaisehomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Haibara Ai (Detective Conan)[personal profile] sorrownotlovehomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Miyano Shiho/Sherry (Detective Conan)[personal profile] ladyinblackhomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Okiya Subaru[personal profile] aholmesfanactive/[community profile] exitvoid
Gin (Detective Conan)[personal profile] ravenchaserdropped/[ profile] realityshifted
Chiiko (Damekko Doubutsu)[personal profile] clumsycheetahhomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Clawdeen Wolf (Monster High)[personal profile] fashionistawolfhomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Victorique de Blois (GOSICK)[personal profile] reconstructschaoshomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Naoi Ayato (Angel Beats!)[personal profile] theonewhodiedactive/[community profile] poly_chromatic
Yui (Angel Beats!)[personal profile] yuinyanactive/[community profile] poly_chromatic

If anybody wants to play with any one of them, feel free to ask. ♥

My roleplaying character accounts on livejournal can be found here!

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