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[Narrator Voice] As Trip and Lucas continue their journey through the Unova region, they stop to take a est in a conveniently empty cabin in the woods and .

While Lucas continued to sleep like the dead, Trip decided to try using the gas stove to cook breakfast. Given that he only had about two meals in his repertoire of culinary skills (omelette and mac 'n cheese...) and only one of them was really appropriate breakfast food (and he didn't randomly carry a bag of elbow macaroni, okay, and cheese would go bad in a backpack&mdas; it wasn't as easily acquired like eggs and ketchup packets were).

He might've had to dry cook it, given the lack of cooking oil, but it was puffy and yellow all the same and the warm, eggy scent should waft throughout the wooden cabin.

Frillish floated nearby in case it needed to douse a fire, not that he'd admit to that.]
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He hadn't meant to leave Musashi alone and make Nyasu cry again, but... he couldn't help it. At least this time, he wasn't sacrificing himself so they could go on without him, he just... wanted to protect them. He thought he could get all three of them out of the way in time, but he hadn't factored in everything and paid for it.

Unfortunately, being so far from any training camp or Rocket base, so far away from Tokiwa City entirely— he had to stay in a normal hospital.

Musashi took his jacket, worried the R would deny him care, so now he had a bed and bandages around his head, lavander blue hair tucked in and tufting rather comically around it, a few smaller ahesives here and there on his face and arms, but it was his torso that was most impressively bandaged.

... he hadn't quite gotten used to being attacked by actual Pokemon, they were far less predictable than the ones in the academy's mission simulations...

He sighed a bit and looked to the right, squinting at the curtain separating him from the neihboring beds in the ward. The sunlight pouring in from the window lit it up like a stage curtain and he could see a terribly small, young-looking silhouette.

"... is there a little brat in here?!" he asked, unintentionally loud and far too quickly to choose his words better.

Had the child been in an accident? Gotten attacked?
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"Situational awareness" and "photography" do not always go hand-in-hand, particularly when a photographer aspires to capture an impressive aerial shot— from the top of a rickety old bridge, entirely too captivated by a gushing waterfall to notice the fraying rope. Worse, he was gripping the fraying rope with his bare hand, straining it as he leaned forward for a shot.

As they were hard to hear over the roar of the wind and the shutter, he only noticed the snapping sounds when they were literally on their last threads and the bridge began to lurch, pitching him sideways.
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Welcome to the world of POKÉMON!









pokemon BW!S1+S2

Ai (Aitwo)


Shootie (younger)



POD (younger)





( ??? )

1. POKEMON AU: Is your character travelling around my character's region? Are they travelling together? Competing in a tournament/contest spectacular/what have you? Foiling their plans? Think something up!

2. GOD DAMN IT DIALGA/PALKIA: Due to some rift in the time-space continuum, your character finds themselves smack-dab in the Pokemon universe (or vice versa)! 

3. OLD GAME CR: Right what it says on the tin.

1. TRAVELLING TOGETHER: Maybe they managed to avoid a swarm of Beedrill together, found themselves mutually lost, or just happen to be on the same path; company is always nice when you're on the road!

2. (???) WOULD LIKE TO BATTLE!: The first rule of being a Trainer is that when eyes meet, it's a challenge! Who will come out victorious?

3. VILLAIN AU: That friendly trainer or helpful NPC you've been getting close to? They weren't the person you thought they were. For villain characters you have, possible undercover reconnaissance briefing, coercing into joining the team, or anything else you can think of!

4. ??????: idk freeform go for it

(This whole post nicked from [personal profile] surskit)
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A quiet, but clearly distressed sound and the futile scuffling of some sort of struggling creature caught Trip's attention and he quietly followed the sound. It quieted, the scuffling becoming less frequent, more muffled by sifting through soil, having bored though the dry leaves and underbrush, but he stayed tracking the sound until he found its source:

He found an injured Deerling, its fall coat more a muddied brown than orange now, dragging its hooves through the soil, body heavily resting on the rough bark of a large tree, rising and falling rapidly with each breath.

Its ears pricked and it tried to tuck in one leg, curling its neck to make itself smaller, flinching away. Was it crying? Breath quickening, it kept trying to draw in the rest of its legs, like a fawn hiding in tall grass (there was none here), but it was clearly far from home and two of its legs only trembled feebly instead of moving as they should, bleeding profusely, one foreleg ringed just above the hooves by something that cut sharply to the bone, the hindleg on the opposite side so mangled it rested in four corners.

What a waste... who would do such an awful thing? It could've grown to be a strong Pokemon, but the way it was now, it would have to effectively lose two legs just to live. It wouldn't be able to do anything, not even fend for itself. Death was better than a weak life like that, he decided resolutely. Mind made up, he drew carefully nearer, reaching for a pokeball. The Pokemon's panic increased and it cried out again, thrashing its remaining, good legs.

"... calm down," he said in a gentle, but detached voice. "You won't hurt anymore."

He didn't want to look at it anymore, however, quickly averting his gaze.

The Pokemon stopped crying out, but stared at him with wide, fearful eyes.

"It'll stop soon, okay? Trust me."

It was still scared, looking between him and the pokeball, but it couldn't really escape and the struggling only tired it out more, so it settled on watching. Trip released Lampent without throwing the ball. "Lampent, let's send this one away, okay?"

Transfixed, Deerling's eyes reflected the growing, blue-purple blaze.
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[Quietly, unobtrusively, without anyone but a miratory flock and the occasional forest-dwelling Pokemon taking notice, a massive, dark cocoon has appeared in the midst of a forest.

It grew older and older, slowly becoming blanketed with moss, now looking no different from a large boulder, as it lay quietly sleeping. Younger, irreverent Flying Types even took to roosting on top of it.

So it continued for a long, long time until a poacher trekked into the forest, seeking to make a prize of the naive and unwary Pokemon dwelling in the forest. A line of sleeping Flying Types, roosted atop moss-covered stone. He aimed and fired.

The bullet would not hit the startled birds, deflecting off the "boulder," which immediately shed off centuries' worth of layers and a great, bloodstone-coloured draconian bird rears up, high in the air, before sending a powerful blasts from its wing. The hunter, despite his fear, evades the attack in time for it to decimate a tree instead, draining it of life right down to its crumbling roots and the surrounding patch of earth.

Enraged, the Legendary flies into the sky to search for the transgressor, its mere presence draining the land as it flew...

In the rolling fog, a tall, willowy elk with sprawling, branching antlers glimmered, watching the chaos unfolding before it, before turning on light feet and racing away to find help. A ninety-day journey on foot for the hardiest of men, half-a-day's travel for the Legendary.


Across regions, across realities, two heroes, previously chosen by one world's Zekrom and another's Rehsiram, will be swept up from their rest to fight again now in a grim, decaying world. No memory of how they arrived or whether they had even woken up, just as if they'd been spirited away, with a pervasive cold feeling of dread, visions of what might— will— occur if they do not interfere; for now, they are left to find one another (not a difficult task at all, when not a soul stirs the silence; the steps of one of them will echo in the ears of the other, 'til they meet, from how empty and barren and lifeless the place has become).

First, Kalos.
Abandoned cities, lifeless regions. Dead silence, hardly even the wind whistles. Tall buildings stand, unmoving, silent witnesses. Colourful and bright Lumiose has the eeriness of an abandoned amusement park come to life; all lights and colours, without a soul in sight. Half-eaten cakes sit on cafe tabletops. Scattered books and tiny, brightly coloured hats and bags without owners lie in front of a preschool. No shopkeepers, no parents, no children, no trainers, no Pokemon. Only the tower still shines.]
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All his life, Naoi been powerless. He was human, not a particularly powerful or intimidating species as individuals. He was shorter and smaller built than most boys his age, he made up for it with learning to shoot. He had willingly forsaken his own identity, hoping to find meaning in his shallow existence, and failed. He made up for it by robbing others of their selves, if only temporarily, forcing them to play roles the way he did. There was nothing finer than the hypnosis he developed, no play thing more amusing and no weapon more powerful.

... but simply toying with people's minds and taking out the anger and rage he inherited on their bodies felt hollow and lacking.

He desired a more complete control. Individuals were no longer enough. If he could, he would love to possess a world of his own. He fancied himself a ruler, but what sad few subjects he had!

But, he was a mere boy, not an army unto himself. The strength to overcome that many at once was beyond him, even with hypnosis, he could not permanently win over so many. If he could only acquire a stronger body...

Yes, a strong body with a mind he could break down and rebuild to suit his needs!

Following that line of thought, he began searching for someone he could use...


Jun. 8th, 2013 10:15 pm
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[There is a silver-haired girl kneeling in the gardens, wearing a sunhat, and gently patting down the soil. It's impossible to hear her from afar, but the movements of her lips suggest she's speaking... to the plants and earth, it seems, as there's really no one else there for her to be speaking to.

Care to give her company?]
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In lieu of a How's My Driving, have this:

If you have any issue at all with the way I play any of my characters, how I write, or anything else, please tell me exactly what it is right here! Suggestion to fix that problem would make it a lot better!

Please do not give compliments as they're not conductive to fixing problem areas, which is what I'm interested in doing.

Do say something, even if it's something you don't think is very important! It could help a lot.
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[There is a small, curious Japanese girl staring intently at a tree. She doesn't budge until she raises her hands to her face when she gasps in surprise, looking up as a climbing cat leaps from a lower branch to a higher one.

After a brief moment of deliberation, she takes off her geta sandals, rolls up her swinging sleeves, and ties back her layered kimono to keep it out of the way, in preparation for her very serious undertaking: climbing up a tree after a stray cat that's caught her fancy.

... in retrospect, not such a good idea, as she doesn't reach the second highest branch before the cat decides it's had enough of the tree and leaps down:]

W-wait, Monsieur Chat!

[But the cat runs away, leaving Yune disappointed... and facing a troubling realization:] Wait... how will I get down?

[Yup, the cat got down, but the overdressed girl bogged down by too many layers has no idea how to make her way down safely.

Rescue, mock, it's your call!]
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[I'm sorry, were you expecting to walk down this path in perfectly undisturbed peace, having to worry about little more than avoiding stepping on skittering Bug Type Pokemon and avoiding getting hit in the head with a low-hanging tree branch? Sorry, there's a little blonde boy suddenly taking a great interest in you, judging by how he's zooming in the lens of his digital camera, aiming straight at you, looking like he just saw an alien hop out of a spaceship right in front of him.

So, what shall you do? Tell the little creep off for taking pictures of a complete stranger, instinctively flash the peace sign, or stand there awkwardly while you wonder whether you'll wind up on the cover of the next National Geographic?]
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[It's been quite some time since the events that took place on Fortuna.

He had been trying to play it all off as a very long, deranged dream. It was all unbelievable. He would not speak a word of it to anyone; who would believe him? To claim he'd been held captive on an alien planet, to be a very large and well-dressed lab rat to a group of faceless scientists, and— this is where it all sounds like some depraved fantasy of his— to have killed other residents and watched them come back to life?

It all sounded like something born of his imagination.

He had stopped the car by the side of the road. He hadn't been willing to part with the Porsche since his return, driving it almost constantly, if not, then sitting in it, watching it, feeling it to make sure it was still there... driving familiar routes to reassure himself that this was the Tokyo he left behind.

For now, he watched the snowflakes drift lazily as they showered down from heaven, before hastily winds carried them away in a flurry. Snow gathered on the roof of his car.

It was the first snow of winter, but when did he leave? It was much earlier... February... late February? No, early March. How long was he gone? Vodka claimed he never left, but how could that be? Did they send a copy to claim his place in the world, to cover up his absence?

His hand had found his hair at some point, he only now registered, holding a lock of it and running his thumb over the ends. It wasn't any shorter... but he knew he cut his hair and jaggedly, despite his best efforts, he remembered that! Was it their doing? He hadn't escaped, then— they restored his body and sent him back, perhaps only temporarily... this was another experiment, wasn't it? They wouldn't pay him the good courtesy of healing him before sending him off. Not a single new scar on him, although that torture should've left him sporting several—

He turned on the radio knob, searching for something to chase the unsettling thoughts back to the darkest recesses of his mind. Nothing worked.

For the first time, he felt uncomfortable being in the car, and decided he had better leave. He felt cramped, suffocating... maybe a walk would do him well. He could soothe himself with familiar sights until this particularly cruel experiment was over, then... go into hiding for a while.

Ikebukuro was quintessential Tokyo. It wasn't very large, but it had a taste of almost everything any other district had to offer. ... but really, what was he doing wandering eastwards— as if he were in the right state to head into the red light district...

Maybe he'll stop at a restaurant instead and dine on something that wasn't canned or a single tray of takoyaki. Or something sickly sweet from the wedding of the woman he killed and the man who—

He needed a distraction.]
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[Serebii had been flying from one time to another, in the same forest for the third time since coming to Isshu, basking the forest in a light that Pokemon would notice but few humans would: the leaves looked much greener, the soil a more vivid shade of brown, and the sunlight shone in so much brighter. The sound that could be heard when a Serebii travelled, known as the voice of the forest, could be heard by everyone, even if not all recognized it for what it was.

It was something of a warning, to keep a playful Serebii from dragging unsuspecting (and, therefore, not quite willing) others from one time to another.

After witnessing another failed attempt by the same Kanto-bred trainer to make friends with an aloof Isshu boy, this particular Serebii felt saddened. She could tell when someone was a loner by nature, she could peek into his life, and she knew this boy also wanted friends, once! And this coldness was a front, she knew. She's seen enough to know!

It was sad that he how he put up walls, once a would-be friend finally came along...

Then, she had an idea! Just before the aloof boy took one step in the other direction to part ways, she flew down and plucked him off of the ground.]

W-what the...?! H-hey! [Like most people who've been scooped up from under their arms like a small child, before being lifted up, past the leaves and into the sky... he panicked, kicked, and pathetically reached for the ground!]

Biiii~~ rebiiii!

[Feeling like her little plan was working, Serebii happily slipped into a portal into another time, pulling the boy along with her!]
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La la dideedaa...

[Pinoko calmly sweeps the floor with her broom, humming along to a tune. She's wearing a frilly little apron and a kerchief of a matching colour to keep her hair back.

What a peaceful morning! It's just a bit lonely, though, since she's the only one here right now.

Oh, well, she'd better get the place cleaned up and tidy for whenever her darling returns! She's not sure where he's decided to run off this time, but she'll be keeping house, keeping dinner warm, and returning calls until he's back.]
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Ah, amnesia. The old standby for soap operas, it usually involves a good knock on the head and a complete loss of memory. Ever wanted to do that to your character? Well, now's your chance.

1. Comment with your characters!
2. Others comment. Optionally, go to RNG and roll the scenario. (As to who gets knocked on the head, well, that's up to you!)
3. ???

1. HEAD-ON COLLISION - ...whoops. It was an honest mistake, really! You didn't see that car/tree/post/person/whatever coming, but now you're stumbling out of the wreckage sans memory. Better ask for help.

2. WAIT, WHO ARE YOU? - Okay, so a while ago, you got into...something that caused you to lose your memory. Fortunately, you managed to get by and create a new identity for yourself. Unfortunately, someone new has just entered your life. Or should I say, someone who's a little too familiar...

3. RINSE AND REPEAT - Sigh. Really, this is just so inconvenient. You wake up everyday with no memory of who you are, and have to figure it out over the course of the day, only to fall asleep and have to do it all over again the next day. Good thing someone's there to help you out, right? And what's with all those post-its and notes?

4. THIS ROOM'S TOO WHITE - Welcome to the hospital. You've got an "Unknown" tag on your wrist, a healthy diet of bland hospital food, a steady trickle of doctors coming in to check up on you, and a TV, and nothing else. Looks like someone's coming to help you today, though! Here's to hoping they knew you before you lost your memory.

5. I'M SUPPOSED TO DO WHAT?! - Oh, crap. There's something only you can do right now--that is, the you who didn't lose your memory, anyway. Better figure out a way out of this mess and how to control your strange abilities before it's too late.

6. FIGHTING FOR THE WRONG SIDE - Uh, oh. Looks like your enemies decided to take advantage of your confused state and convinced you that you're on their side. Here's to hoping your allies can get you back to yourself before you cause some serious damage.

7. JUST TOO TRAUMATIC - You just saw something that's so traumatic you lost your memory because of it. Unfortunately, right now, you have to remember it, or else something really bad happens. Hope you don't regret remembering this!

8. I DON'T WANT THIS - You've been living a peaceful, ordinary life, for a while. And you'd rather it stay that way, because you're not sure if you'd want to remember what went before. Unfortunately, something's coming, and the key to stopping it lies in your memories.

9. NO SUCH THING - Maybe you were a wizard, or a werewolf, or an angel, or a demon, or something else entirely before, or maybe you just knew about the masquerade. Sadly, you've been knocked on the head and now believe yourself to be a perfectly ordinary person. Magic? That doesn't exist, right? Anything can be explained with science, after all! Right?

10. I'M WHO?! - And who the hell are you? Basically, this is the wild card option! Combine one of the above or make up a new one or whatever you want! Go wild!
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Pinoko (Black Jack)[personal profile] pinokosthewifedropped/[community profile] queenofheartsrp/[community profile] poly_chromatic
Abarai Renji (BLEACH)[personal profile] brokenfanghomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Kuna Mashiro (BLEACH)[personal profile] poppylovehomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Iris (Pokemon)[personal profile] heartofdragonshomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Subway Master Nobori (Pokemon)[personal profile] brothertragedydropped/[community profile] poly_chromatic
N (Natural Harmonia Gropius)[personal profile] harmonicmotiondropped/[community profile] somarium
Yune (Ikoku Meiro no Croisée)[personal profile] petitejaponaisehomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Haibara Ai (Detective Conan)[personal profile] sorrownotlovehomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Miyano Shiho/Sherry (Detective Conan)[personal profile] ladyinblackhomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Okiya Subaru[personal profile] aholmesfanactive/[community profile] exitvoid
Gin (Detective Conan)[personal profile] ravenchaserdropped/[ profile] realityshifted
Chiiko (Damekko Doubutsu)[personal profile] clumsycheetahhomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Clawdeen Wolf (Monster High)[personal profile] fashionistawolfhomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Victorique de Blois (GOSICK)[personal profile] reconstructschaoshomeless/[community profile] dear_mun
Naoi Ayato (Angel Beats!)[personal profile] theonewhodiedactive/[community profile] poly_chromatic
Yui (Angel Beats!)[personal profile] yuinyanactive/[community profile] poly_chromatic

If anybody wants to play with any one of them, feel free to ask. ♥

My roleplaying character accounts on livejournal can be found here!
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