Apr. 28th, 2015

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[Quietly, unobtrusively, without anyone but a miratory flock and the occasional forest-dwelling Pokemon taking notice, a massive, dark cocoon has appeared in the midst of a forest.

It grew older and older, slowly becoming blanketed with moss, now looking no different from a large boulder, as it lay quietly sleeping. Younger, irreverent Flying Types even took to roosting on top of it.

So it continued for a long, long time until a poacher trekked into the forest, seeking to make a prize of the naive and unwary Pokemon dwelling in the forest. A line of sleeping Flying Types, roosted atop moss-covered stone. He aimed and fired.

The bullet would not hit the startled birds, deflecting off the "boulder," which immediately shed off centuries' worth of layers and a great, bloodstone-coloured draconian bird rears up, high in the air, before sending a powerful blasts from its wing. The hunter, despite his fear, evades the attack in time for it to decimate a tree instead, draining it of life right down to its crumbling roots and the surrounding patch of earth.

Enraged, the Legendary flies into the sky to search for the transgressor, its mere presence draining the land as it flew...

In the rolling fog, a tall, willowy elk with sprawling, branching antlers glimmered, watching the chaos unfolding before it, before turning on light feet and racing away to find help. A ninety-day journey on foot for the hardiest of men, half-a-day's travel for the Legendary.


Across regions, across realities, two heroes, previously chosen by one world's Zekrom and another's Rehsiram, will be swept up from their rest to fight again now in a grim, decaying world. No memory of how they arrived or whether they had even woken up, just as if they'd been spirited away, with a pervasive cold feeling of dread, visions of what might— will— occur if they do not interfere; for now, they are left to find one another (not a difficult task at all, when not a soul stirs the silence; the steps of one of them will echo in the ears of the other, 'til they meet, from how empty and barren and lifeless the place has become).

First, Kalos.
Abandoned cities, lifeless regions. Dead silence, hardly even the wind whistles. Tall buildings stand, unmoving, silent witnesses. Colourful and bright Lumiose has the eeriness of an abandoned amusement park come to life; all lights and colours, without a soul in sight. Half-eaten cakes sit on cafe tabletops. Scattered books and tiny, brightly coloured hats and bags without owners lie in front of a preschool. No shopkeepers, no parents, no children, no trainers, no Pokemon. Only the tower still shines.]

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